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trigger point therapy

  • also known as neuromuscular therapy
  • relieves tight areas "knots" within muscle tissue that cause pain
  • uses cycles of isolated pressure and release
  • helps naturally manage pain and stress from chronic injuries
  • helpful in reducing tension headaches

swedish massage

  • also referred to as the "classic massage"
  • light to medium pressure
  • promotes circulation
  • good for stress-related conditions
  • relieves muscle tension

deep tissue massage

  • good for chronic and overuse injuries
  • releases muscle tension
  • provides deep pain relief
  • loosens scar tissue and lengthens muscles
  • allows nutrients and oxygen back into chronic adhesed tissues

sports massage

  • promotes flexibility and range of motion
  • speeds up recovery time
  • also used to enhance pre-event preparation
  • offers balance to training regimen
  • decreases risk of injury and reduces fatigue

energy work

  • combines techniques of cranial sacral therapy and healing touch
  • reduces stress, promotes relaxation
  • triggers the bodies natural healing abilities
  • subtle work to increase flow of blocked or stored energy
  • complementary care to help bring balance


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